Reg. No: 3271 066/067

Where your money goes?

Your donation is crucial to providing for the children at CHEF.


You can help to provide the children with:


Food:  Basic ingredients necessary to provide the children with nutritional meals and snacks. This includes items such as rice, vegetables, beans, oil, salt, meat, and biscuits.


Clothing:  Appropriate outerwear, footwear, and seasonal clothing.


School costs:  Paper, pens, pencils, erasers, art supplies, notebooks, school uniforms, school bags, and school fees.


Medical care: Medical check-ups (regular doctor, dentist, and eye examinations), medicine, and sanitary products.


Household expenses: Household items, kitchen/cooking supplies, bedding, cleaning supplies, utilities (rent, electricity, water, garbage collection, internet) home repairs, etc.


Your contribution helps ensure a bright future for the children.