Our Goals

Our current goals at CHEF are to:

  • Provide a positive loving environment at the home that builds the children’s self esteem and encourages them to reach their maximum potential at school, at home, and in the community
  • Provide opportunities to poor, lower caste, orphaned, and socially oppressed children in order for them to become self-sufficient Nepali Citizens
  • Ensure that the children of CHEF receive a proper education by means of regular attendance at school and supplementary educational support in the home
  • Provide nutritional meals, proper clothing, and a secure home for all children under our care
  • Provide necessary school supplies and appropriate school uniforms to each child
  • Provide proper supervision at home and to offer specific attention towards the individual needs of each child
  • Engage the children in plenty of recreational, creative, and play activities inside and outside of the home
  • Monitor each child's health status, ensure that they receive adequate care,  and to teach them proper daily health care
  • Coordinate with other community organizations to provide job-training opportunities for each child when they reach the appropriate age

In the future, CHEF hopes to:

  • Provide scholarships to the children so they can become productive and self-supporting members of society as adults 
  • Establish ownership of permanent home for children.
  • Own mini bus for transportation
  • Send the children to a local private school (instead of public school) to provide them with a higher level of education
  • To establish branches of Child Helping Education Fund in different regions of Nepal
  • With the help of your donations, we can reach our goals and provide our children with the chance to realize their full potential!