Reg. No: 3271 066/067

Who we are

The Child Helping Education Fund (CHEF) is officially registered with the government of Nepal registration No. 3271(066/067) and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council (No. 31913) as a non-profitable social welfare organization..

Future Goal

CHEF is a new and growing foundation in its early stages of development. We have many goals. Our current goals at CHEF are to: Provide a positive, loving environment at the home that builds the children’s self esteem and..

Child Profile

Karuna is the baby of the CHEF. She lost her mother when she was two years old. Her father went to India and he didn't come back home. She is a very happy, funny little girl. She came to CHEF in October 2011..

Message From Founder

Dear Visitors,

My name is Lila and I am the founder of CHEF. I currently run the CHEF orphanage. I grew up in a small remote village in Nepal like many of the children living at the orphanage now. I studied in school for 8 years in my village, then left home to study further. I currently take care of 8 children from age 5 to 12. I have a firsthand understanding of the difficult, and often hopeless situation that Nepali children face growing up in poverty.