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The Child Helping Education Fund (CHEF) is officially registered with the government of Nepal (registration No. 3271(066/067)) and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council (No. 31913) as a non-profitable social welfare organization. It was established in 2011 to care for orphans, abandoned children of lower castes, poor, undervalued, and helpless children of Nepal. CHEF does not receive government assistance and solely depends on individual donors and organizations for funding. CHEF provides housing, food, clothing and medical care for children, all within a loving home. CHEF ensures that children have a proper education by giving them additional support in the classroom at the home. CHEF offers the children hope for a brighter future. At the present, CHEF does not have consistent support.

Why chose us ?

  Correctly  now we have a 10 kids . They are from 8 to 14 year . They go to provite  English school . They all are from very remoter area of Nepal .  They have different family hi..

Childrens Futuer Gold

Our CHEF  childrens  they all have own  aim in their futuer . Some of the childrens become doctor, arties , danser ,nurses ,teacher and player . ..

Message from founder

My name is Lila and I am the founder of CHEF. I currently run the CHEF orphanage. I grew up in a small remote village in Nepal like many of the children living at the orphanage now. I studied in schoo..
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